What Our Parents and Kids Say

  • I am a parent that sends my nine year daughter to Camp Wannado for aftercare as well as summer camp.

    I have known Mr Wilks for close to three years. I met him when he was running the aftercare at Reinassance Charter in Plantation and I highly recommend him as a very professional individual. My daughter has ADHD and is slightly austic and unlike other facilities and aftercare who believe in treating children with disabilities like liabilities and are always punishing children because they don’t understand their behaviors not to mention the staff is not trained, Camp Wannado has always treated my child with respect. Mr Wilks has always encouraged Chantel to be successful and when she does wrong, they counsel and always always follows up with me.

    The summer camps in Broward County are mainly about filling up spots to gain money especially the ones associated with the city government but Camp Wannado focuses on the child, building social skills, always educating them, even on field trips. Camp Wannado and Mr Wilks have come to the “rescue” for childcare especially on school holidays when it is extremely difficult to find a facility that cares. Also he has introduced child care on most Saturdays which helps since most parents nowadays don’t have Monday through Friday, 9-5 jobs.

    Camp Wannado is the future, it works for parents like me and trust me there is a big percentage like me and it helps all children even those who have a disability like my child. Camp Wannado works and I hope it keeps on succeeding to the highest level and keeps on growing because it is helping my child to grow and be successful in other words making her future dreams and life aspirations a reality.

    Hillary C