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About Us

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Camp Wannado ASP Inc. takes great pride in our extensive & professional ongoing training programs in an effort to make sure we offer the highest quality, safety and supervision in our safer school and all camp programs.

Safety is Camp Wannado ASP Inc. #1 Priority that is why we make sure to always follow all guidelines with staff screenings, and do not start any employee until they are cleared by all background screenings through the State of Florida & Broward County. While nurturing children today to be one step ahead tomorrow.

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Our Mission is to make Camp Wannado a haven for all Children. No matter the location, Camp Wannado is a place where children from all backgrounds and at all levels of learning can participate in our programs.

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Our Vision is to continue to provide WOW services to families we serve where-ever possible, our programs are designed with ALL children in mind and we strive to meet their needs, nurturing children today to be one step ahead tomorrow.