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Welcome to Camp Wannado Inc

I would like to take this time out to welcome you to Camp Wannado Inc. My name is Lester Wilks and I am the Founder/CEO of Camp Wannado Inc and Camp Wannado After School Program Inc. I have been managing Before & After School Programs/Summer Camps for over 10 years. Here at Camp Wannado we provide children in our care with an educationally developemental, enriching, safe and a FUN enviorment. I’m thrilled you have decided to take interest in beginning a relationship with us, entrusting our company to care for your most precious jewel. I look forward to meeting campers, and parents in the near furniture.

As you make this transition to a new childcare provider, please know I am aware of the anticipation and eagerness that accompanies new beginnings. It is my goal to make this transition as fun/safe as possible for our Campers, who are our number one commitment; for “We don’t plan fun we have FUN” is our motto. I eagerly anticipate getting to know all the families and schools we serve here at Camp Wannado Inc. I expect a most successful transition as my team and I continue to be a support system for the campers and schools we serve daily. As Founder/CEO my door swings on welcome hinges and is always open. Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please know I am here to have that dialogue with you. Again, I’m privileged and honored to have this professional opportunity and look forward to working with all of you soon! Please get to know your child(ren) site manager for they will be your first line of contact regarding all of your childcare needs.

Funtastically Yours,

Lester Wilks