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For Parents


Safety is our first and foremost priority. Being fully aware of the importance and responsibility associated with childcare, we absolutely stress the proper training of our professional staff and observe the strictest rules for safety and supervision.


Parents let’s face it we know kids are not cheap! So that’s why you have a friend here at Camp Wannado After School Program Inc. ALL of our on-site school programs are cheaper than the district but still provide a quality service to you and your family!


All children in our care will have time to complete their Homework. We have certified teachers on board to assist with any child that desires help.


We encorage our professional staff to smile and maintain a positive attitude at all times. They are encouraged to praise and uplift children, greet children and parents everyday with smiles and warmth, and eliminate hostility and yelling at children.Happiness has a powerful effect on childrens’ brains, resulting in a positive impact on children behavior and motivation to learn, reducing discipline problems and increasing success in daily life.

Each staff member has undergone background screenings, taken CPR and first aid training, and completed a minimum of 40 hours of childcare training course.